#Juneathon Day 21: Brought to you by the letter Z

Having been in London for the weekend for the City of London Mile I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday so I’m just going to write a quick one before taking you through Day 22.

Whilst my knee seemed back to normal I haven’t wanted to test it too hard in case I risked my whole City of London Mile race.  It sounds like I was taking it all a bit seriously considering I wasn’t in contention to win but I was in contention of something else – a personal best performance!

So my Juneathon activity for Day 21 consisted of some walking, some very specific walking: I wanted to check out the mile course, gauge where the corners were and how long the final straight was so I could judge my final kick for home.

Unfortunately, it quickly became evident that my SmartRun was having a bad day.  Despite early problems with the SmartRun GPS, software updates have made massive improvements and, until this weekend, it has been reliable.  Perhaps it was hot and bothered, perhaps the buildings were playing silly buggers or maybe MI5 or MI6 (I can never remember which is which) were scrambling the satellites!

Here are the fascinating zig-zags that would have made for a very interesting course!

City of London Mile course test
City of London Mile course test

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