#Juneathon Day 19 & 20: Brought to you by the letters X and V

My Juneathon efforts have somewhat gone astray since a big twinge in my knee put my target race, the City of London Mile, in jeopardy.

I’ve put the Kinetic Revolution sessions to one side to give my knee a chance to get back to normal and it seems to have worked.

I went for a no-pressure 5k on Thursday to see how the knee felt.  And it felt good.  So much so, I couldn’t resist a few 400m efforts.  The knee stood up strong although the heat made for tough running!  Luckily the Mile is on Sunday morning so shouldn’t be too hot.  I hope!

A night out and curry was my Juneathon activity yesterday.  Probably not the greatest nutrition in preparation for a super-quick mile but hey, it’s my birthday and I’ll eat what I want to. 😉

Super excited to be heading in to London today to take advantage of the hotel stay I won from the City of London Mile race organisers.  Even more excited to be wearing a limited edition Bannister-inspired top from Iffley Road across the iconic distance tomorrow.



PS. If you’re wondering why I chose X and V today – they are the letters required to state my age in roman numerals.


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