#Juneathon Day 17: Brought to you by the letter G

Yesterday’s lightning bolt from the running gods got me worried but – and I don’t want to speak too soon – I might have got away with just a twinge rather than a full blown injury.

Thanks to the support and well wishes through the Twitter-sphere and my blog.  Despite my nervousness of stepping out of bed into a crumpled heap I managed to stand up with no problem.  Walking seemed ok and I was getting slightly paranoid that heading down stairs didn’t even cause a ripple of twinge.

Don’t get me wrong, I could still feel my knee but it wasn’t painful, just not quite right.

I decided not to tackle the Kinetic Revolution session today so as not to put any stress on the knee, instead opting to use the session I lead to be my Juneathon activity for today.

Gingerly, I set off on a slow jog to the Leys.  Again, the knee felt different but not painful.

A warm up, some balance work and a meet-and-retreat session allowed me to subtly test my knee out in different, running related conditions.  I’m feeling much more positive but will continue to take it easy for the rest of the week and be ready for the weekend.

The City of London Mile may be the shortest and cheapest (it’s free!) race I’ve ever entered but with my #runyourmile experience in May and winning a hotel stay the night before the race I’m giddy with excitement!


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