#Juneathon Day 16: Brought to you by the letter K

Perhaps I was too complacent.  Perhaps I spoke too soon.  Perhaps everything was going too well.  Perhaps it’s the curse of Juneathon

Just when everything is going well with Juneathon, or running in general, the running gods like to throw a lightning bolt.  Well, today, during my 16th day of the Kinetic Revolution running technique challenge it felt like they’d thrown one of their lightning bolts directly into my left knee.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, all I know is, half-way through the second exercise I had a short sharp pain followed by dull tingling.  I rested it for a few minutes and it seemed to feel ok so I gingerly continued.  I was able to complete the second half of the second exercise and got all the way through the third exercise, completing the first set.

Moving onto the basic plyometric exercises was alright to begin with – 5 lots of 20 seconds’ worth of small bounces on two legs was fine but something inside me said that the one legged version wouldn’t be as easy.  The right leg was fine but I couldn’t get much more than 5 seconds into the left leg without having to stop.

It was nowhere near the initial pain but it was like my knee had gone on holiday.  It just wasn’t going to hold up to my body-weight bouncing down on it.

So after yesterday’s success, I feel a little bit flat.  Especially with the City of London Mile just a few days away.  Let’s just hope it’s a slight twinge that will sort itself out with a good night’s sleep.


7 thoughts on “#Juneathon Day 16: Brought to you by the letter K”

  1. Injuries suck but like any unforseen occurrence can be turned into great opportunities to reflect on your current approaches and build strength in other areas. A great test of mental toughness if nothing else! Good luck and don’t give up! 🙂

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