#Juneathon Day 9: Brought to you by the letter R

Yesterday’s disappointment at not running lifted slightly when I found out that, thanks to my race result on Thursday, I was the 5th most improved road runner in the UK so far this month.

Rankings 080614Maybe the Kinetic Revoution 30-day technique challenge is already having an effect?  I wonder how long that will last!

I’m a stats geek, both professionally and in my running, so it’s no surprise that I found RunBritainRankings early in my running career and love seeing whether my race results improve my rating or not.

Essentially, each licensed road race is given a difficulty rating depending on the course and conditions on the day.  Your performance is then graded against your previous performances and those of everyone else who raced the raced (and their previous performances) to give you a score for that race.  Your best 5 race performances are then used to create a “handicap” – the smaller the number, the better you are.

Following my performance in the race last week I have improved my handicap significantly, putting me 5th most improved in the UK for the month of June.  Although, with performances from weekend races coming in, I’m already down to 6th!

You can also compare yourself to other runners, be it friends, club mates, rivals or perhaps the elite (Mo Farah has a handicap of -6.3, even Jenson Button had a handicap of 3.4 at one point although he hasn;t posted any recent results)!

For me, it’s about tracking whether I’m getting better – it’s useful when your running different distances and across a variety of courses and terrains.  I’ve improved my handicap to 13.9 from a low of 23.8 back in March 2013.

Why not take a look and find out your ranking and handicap at www.runbritainrankings.com?

Meanwhile, the Kinetic Revolution 30 day running challenge continued my Juneathon with another strength session.  It’s getting hard but it’s very satisfying.  It’s surprising how hot you can get from doing a few small exercises!



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