#Juneathon Day 7 & 8: Brought to you by the letter T

As is common in Juneathon, I had to do some juggling yesterday to fit in my effort in between everything else that was going on.  Unfortunately I didn’t have  an opportunity to blog so today’s is a combined post.

Yesterday saw us move from the Basic Mobility and Balance Training phase to the Basic Strength & Core Training phase of the Kinetic Revolution 30 day running technique challenge.

Practice and consistency is key to technique improvements so each phase is based around the same exercises.  Despite this, it was a boost to get a new set of exercises.

The new phase now includes a split squat, a hip thruster and a single leg straight leg deadlift as the key exercises and then mixes it up with a different core exercise each day – yesterday was “Mountain Climbers” (some of you may know them as “Spidermen”) and today was a slightly less adventurous standing core control exercise.

I’d hoped to be able to add a run to today’s efforts but a little bit of tummy trouble (probably due to the excesses of Saturday night) has got in the way.  I’ll leave it at that today!


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