#Juneathon Day 6: Brought to you by the letter B

Juneathon continues but stage 1 of the Kinetic Revolution challenge draws to a close.  Luckily my legs weren’t too sore after yesterday’s fun so I could give it my all for the last of the Basic Mobility and Balance Training sessions.

We’re very rock and roll in our house: head home from work, finish the shopping list, big shop at Waitrose, dinner and then…some running exercises in our exercise studio aka the lounge!

The now familiar group of exercises were performed with great concentration by both of us to the soundtrack of #That’sSo90’s on the Vault.

Don’t get either of us started on the use of apostrophes in their hashtag.  It might be grammatically correct but that’s no way to hashtag!

Not sure if it was just co-incidence or if the running gods were at play but the soundtrack had an uncanny alphabetically symmetrical theme including Boom Boom Boom by the Outhere Brothers, MMM Bop from Hansen, a bit of Bewitched, Billie Piper with Because We Want To (although it could have just as easily been Honey To The Bee), the legend that is Bobby Williams (ok, I’m stretching it now I know) and Lou Bega.I loved the balance work again – today featured eyes closed, running man AND the alphabetti spaghetti.  Thankfully not all at once, although…The highlight was a “funny” uttered by my lovely wife.

As I boogied between exercises I exclaimed “Now there’s hip mobility right there” only to be cut right down with:

“There’s shop mobility, more like!”

Bring on tomorrow – the first session of the Basic Strength and Core Training.  Gulp!


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