#Juneathon Day 4: Brought to you by the letter P

It’s the fourth day of Juneathon and I’m still in a positive mood.  I’m not attempting the truest of Juneathons (I find running everyday counter productive and doesn’t fit with my training plan or general approach to running and coaching) but I’m progressing in the knowledge that I am contributing to my running every day by following the Kinetic Revolution 30 day running technique challenge.

Be honest: do you spend any time working on your running technique?  Or flexibility?  Or strength?  Or is it all about clocking up the miles in the vain hope you’ll get quicker?

I’ve been running seriously (3 to 4 times a week) for approaching 5 years and I’ve spent very little time doing anything other than running.  I quickly learnt that technique, strength and flexibility was important but I still didn’t do anything about it; probably partly from not really knowing what to do.

As I’m progressing through my British Athletics endurance coaching qualification I now officially know the benefits of these elements of training so I thought it was time to practice what I need to be preaching!  The Kinetic Revolution challenge was perfect timing and meant I had a particular programme to follow.

The exercises are really simple and can be done anywhere really.  I will admit that @MrsTWymer and I close the living room curtains so the neighbours don’t think there’s something peculiar going on!

The first 6 days are all about establishing a base so unfortunately it’s a little bit samey.  I’m patiently persevering, placing trust in James at Kinetic Revolution to lead me along the correct path.

My favourite piece of the four days has been the progression of the balance exercise.  Today was what I’m calling the “alphabetti spaghetti balance” – stand on one leg whilst writing all the letters of the alphabet with the other.  It’s a great way to challenge your balance by constantly manipulating your centre of gravity.

One thing I can say is: I’m getting a strangely satisfying feeling from these stretches and mobility exercises.  I’m racing tomorrow as part 2 of the 2014 Mota-vation series – I wonder if I see or feel any benefit?  Even if I don’t, I will continue to participate, patiently persevering.


4 thoughts on “#Juneathon Day 4: Brought to you by the letter P”

    1. I haven’t yet but will do – it’s interesting how many of us take no (or little) interest in technical form and mobility yet we expect to get to be better runners by just running more.

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