#Juneathon Day 3: Brought to you by the letter C

My Juneathon continued today with Day 3 of the Kinetic Revolution 30 day running technique challenge but not until after I’d clocked up 7km with the running group I lead.

London 2012 inspired me to become a UKA Leader in Running Fitness and I’ve been leading a group of enthusiastic beginners since October last year.  They’ve done exceptionally well to run through the darkest, coldest and wettest part of the year.  They’re now enjoying the lighter (and slightly warmer) evenings.

I have also taken the first 3 days of my Coach in Running Fitness course and am now going through a period of “supported practice” before taking a final assessment day later this year to get my full Coach license.

After a warm up, we used Witney (or Ducklington) Lake as the backdrop for a steady run before heading back to the Leys for a cool down and stretches.

It’s really great to see the positive looks on their faces when they realise how far they’ve run.

After getting home it was time to pick up on Day 3 of the technique challenge set by Kinetic Revolution.  We’re still in the initial stage of building basic mobility and balance training so the basic exercises were the same as Day 1 & 2.  Today saw the balance exercise progress again, making the single leg balance more dynamic with a minute of dynamic running man on each leg, twice.

Feeling great for making more of an effort with my technique and feeling great for helping others to get running.

So, today’s Juneathon is all about coaching.


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