Twas the night before Juneathon

Twas the night before Juneathon, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The trainers were laid by the door mat with care,
In hopes that the sunshine would soon be there.
The runners were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of running routes danced in their heads.

Three years ago, Juneathon helped with my charity running challenge and got me blogging for the first time ever so it, and its winter equivalent: Janathon, mean something special to me.

Running every day for a month isn’t for everyone and actually, it’s not for me either anymore – I have learnt the value of rest from running so you won’t find me doing 30 runs for Juneathon.

This year for Juneathon I will be taking on the Kinetic Revolution 30 day challenge – thirty workouts to help run stronger, run faster.

I’ve also decided to try to pair it up with a Facebook fad that seems to be doing the rounds: the 30 day ab challenge.  I could do with more core strength but I am a bit sceptical about this one and I’m kind of doing it to disprove it!

Amongst these two challenges I will of course be doing some running, including sessions to build up to my attempt on a sub-6 minute mile at the London City Mile on 22 June, which you can enter for FREE!

I’ll try to keep my blogs short and sweet – partly as it’ll be a challenge to write a decent one each day!

Hope you enjoy Juneathon.


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