Half Hour Hills

There are lots of people who have been doing lots of running as part of Janathon – a month long event encouraging people to jog, log and blog each day.  I’ve been enjoying reading their adventures but I’ve been focussing on quality rather than quantity as I prepare to take on my favourite race: the Carterton 10k.

Two years ago I set my  10k PB at Carterton with 48:49, which was the icing on my fundraising cake.  Last year I didn’t really train for it and was rewarded appropriately with a 50-odd minute result.  Since then, my running focus has bizarrely been split and refocussed at the same time.

Since October I have been putting my LiRF qualification to good use, leading a group of beginner runners.  It’s strengthened my desire to move along the UKA coaching pathway and this weekend, I have sent off my registration form for the Coach in Running Fitness course.

Helping people to find their love for running has reinvigorated my own love for running.  Hence I have been training myself hard!

A longer-than-anticipated and swifter-than-expected club run on Thursday, combined with a road trip to Liverpool for a party this weekend meant I opted to switch my long, slow run for a half hour of hill work this afternoon.

Looking at my miCoach stats I’m happy with my efforts – my pace uphill was quicker than my goal race pace so hopefully the session will pay off.

As an aside, my Mum uncovered this little beauty this week:

Cover of fitness book from 1983
A little gem from 1983!

I’ll be looking through it and sharing any pearls of wisdom (or hilarity) over the next few weeks!


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