Zoe Wright and her inspriational words

What’s stopping you?

It’s the first of January; the start of a new year.  Again.  Time to halfheartedly promise to start or stop something only to find that a fortnight is about enough time to lose all recollection of what that something was.  Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against setting resolutions.  It’s the flippant disregard in which they are set and not acted upon that niggles me.

The New Year is a fantastic opportunity to make a new start.  Today is the first blank page in a book that is yet to be written.  And you are the author.  You set the storyline.  Yes, there will be many twists and turns along the way but what good book doesn’t?  It is up to you to guide the lead character through the trials and tribulations that will be thrown into their path.

Some challenges will be purposefully placed.  Some will be unexpected.  All will provide a test for the character.  And in return that character will become a deeper, richer and more interesting person.

I’m not saying it will be easy.  It is the effort and exertion that make the experiences valuable and rewarding.

So think carefully before you set your New Year’s resolution.  Choose carefully.  Don’t make it so hard that you’ll never achieve it but don’t let it be so easy that you get nothing form it.  And remember, the storyline might change at any moment so go for it. Now!

It’s easy to find excuses.  Don’t let them turn to regrets.  What’s stopping you?

Oh, my resolution?  That’s easy: to qualify as a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness in 2014 to help inspire more people to get running, run further and run faster.  And hopefully help in helping them achieve some of their own resolutions.

This post is dedicated to an inspirational lady that I had the pleasure of meeting who passed away yesterday.  Thank you Zoe Wright.
Zoe Wright and her inspriational words
The inspirational Zoe, with her words of wisdom.

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