Runners Led

The snow last week was a great opportunity to try something new (my first snow run) but it delayed me starting something else new.  Tonight, my wait was over.

It was time to put my license into action; my first session as a qualified UKA Leader in Running Fitness.

After the paperwork was done we were all very much ready for the warm up.  I’m not sure who was more nervous: my group members or me?

We got ourselves warmed up and off we set on the first 2.5km loop.  My biggest concern prior to the session was dealing with a variety of abilities, even though I knew I knew the techniques – the course gives loads of ways to ensure you help your runners get the most out of the session.  I needn’t have been concerned.  Using loop backs seemed to keep everyone working at their own level.

As we regrouped at the end of the first loop I gave the group the option of carrying on for a second loop; I didn’t want to be too harsh.  Well not on the first session anyway! (Just in case any of them are reading: I’m only joking!)

I’m pleased to say that the consensus was for a second loop – I must have been doing something ok!  We ended the second loop with a cool down and stretches.  I think the hardest thing was trying to get to know the group while guiding them along the route and keeping track of them all.

Taking my first session was the next step of my own Olympic legacy: to inspire others to run.  I’m so pleased I became a Running Leader!

And in all the excitement I nearly forgot my penultimate Janathon plank:

Plank duration : 2m18s
Janathon planks : 30 of 30
Plank streak : 30


2 thoughts on “Runners Led”

  1. Well Dan great to see your dream of continuing the Olympic legacy. All credit to you.

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