Blue Sky Thinking

The pounding of rain on the velux window at 08:45 helped me wake up but was not helping me get ready for my first run in a week.Luckily, less than fifteen minutes later the rain had been replaced by a brilliant blue sky.  I’d almost forgotten the sky came in any other colours other than white or grey!

I’m always amazed at how much a blue sky can help on a long run.  It seemed to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

The snow had forced the postponement of the first Run England Cogges “Get ready for a 10k” session so today’s run,  or part of it, would be my final preparation.

A gentle mile gets me from my house to our meeting place at Cogges Tesco.  I ran through (pun very much intended!) a rough warm up routine before tracing the loops we’ll be running on Wednesday, finishing with a gentle cool down including stretches.

I’m feeling ready and raring to go now; really looking forward to meeting the group.

After a friendly hello from a little Yorkshire terrier I set off on the mile back home.

In the end it was a total of six steady miles.  More useful for readying myself for Wednesday as I switch my focus from my own training to helping others to train.

This afternoon The Wife and I joined our friends, Gem & Rich for a walk at Sherborne.  Mud had replaced snow but that didn’t stop the four of us, all wellied up, from enjoying the fresh air.

Rich and I agreed it would make a cracking cross country route.  Will have to take a look for more information on the Sherborne 10k route – could be a decent challenge.

And that leaves me to recap on today’s plank:

Plank duration : 2m 12s
Janathon planks : 27 of 27
Plank streak : 27


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