Losing My Cherry!

Today I lost my cherry.  I was very nervous this morning but was determined that today would be the day.

After a slow start, feeling my way, I soon got into a rhythm and found myself enjoying it.  My confidence grew and so did my speed.  I had to slow myself down a couple of times.

Now I know a lot of you will be experts and will say I should have done it sooner but today was the right time for me.

What I will say to anyone who is worried about doing it for the first time: don’t be!  Be careful, don’t rush and most importantly, enjoy it!

I will definitely be running in the snow again.  The temperature wasn’t a problem with the right layers on.  Fresh snow meant footing was fine.  The sound of the crunching was hypnotic. And despite the cautious pace I still managed 5k in just over 30 minutes.

Ambitiously I also tried to trace the words “Join Run England” into the snow so that it would show on the GPS tracking but bizarrely it would appear I ran in a perfectly straight line, in a completely different county!


I also discovered, only whilst stretching after my run that two rights can make a wrong!  I must have been so nervous (or excited) about my first snow run that I didn’t pay attention to my socks:

Two rights make a wrong!

It’s still Janathon so I still had a plank to do.  Today’s effort was solid but no PB:

Plank duration: 2m 06s
Janathon planks: 19 out of 19
Plank streak: 19

As an extra treat, here I am taking a mid run photo:

Me on Church Green

2 thoughts on “Losing My Cherry!”

    1. No – I don’t have any so took it easy but luckily, even the compacted snow still had some give so it wasn’t a problem. If it turns icy then I’d have to look into them.

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