#Janathon week 2: Done

It was great to have all the family over yesterday to celebrate my gran’s 80th birthday.  My head is full of memories of family get-togethers at her house so it was lovely to return the gesture for her special birthday.  It was also good fun to have a couple of my cousins stay for the weekend.

It was back to work as normal today – except for the snow that is!

I had thought the forecasters had been exaggerating but we woke to a good couple of centimetres.  Luckily for me there was no run scheduled.

On leaving work, the rain was doing it’s best to clear away the snow.  I headed home to get my 14th straight plank done:

Plank duration: 1m 52s
Janathon planks: 14 out of 14
Plank streak: 14


3 thoughts on “#Janathon week 2: Done”

    1. Can’t take the credit for the idea but it’s a hell of a lot easier than running every day like you! I wonder if my plank streak can keep up wuth your target of running every day in 2013?

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