Running A Swift 5k

A beautiful blue sky and sunshine poured through my desk window today, so much so, I had to pull the blinds.  Imagine my surprise as I left the office to head home for my run to be faced with a deep mist!

The mist and low temperature wasn’t going to put me off; I had my new trainers to get the most of.  Off I went for a 5k run so I could be back in time for dinner before heading out to catch up with my brother and his wife.

I had in mind that I would aim for 8:30 pace but something inside me said “go on, see how fast you can go”.  Who was I to deny my inner voice?

Clutching my Galaxy S3 (I haven’t bought an arm strap for my new phone yet) I stretched my legs and picked up the pace, managing a 7:27 mile in the middle.
With a steady warm up and cool down, the 3.5 miles saw an average pace of 7:59 which I was dead chuffed with.

I was less chuffed with my Janathon plank effort.

Today is the first day of Janathon that I’ve failed to make an improvement on the previous day’s plank.  Oh well, I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow!

Plank duration: 1m 21s
Janathon planks: 9 out of 9
Plank streak: 9


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