Janathon Day 2

I’m a touch late with this blog but can assure you my plank was made just before bed last night:

Plank duration: 1m 05s
Improvement since day 1: 3s
Plank streak: 2 days
Janathon plants: 2 out of 2

In other news, I ended up on the radio yesterday!  Phil Gayle, who some of you may remember for presenting the news on the Big Breakfast, invited me onto his BBC Radio Oxford breakfast show to talk about my new running group, Run England Cogges.

For the next few days you can listen again here – I’m on just after 2 hours 48 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 2”

  1. Radio press, how fun! Maybe I’ll listen just for the fun of hearing British accents. Didn’t read back far enough to see… if you are running for Janathon or not? Is planking your effort then? I too must be creative this time. Last Jan, I ran 2-3 mi. per day, but this year… foot won’t allow it 😦 Maybe I too will focus on core (still deciding)… good luck with your new running group & your personal Janathon plan!

    1. Thanks! I’ve had a foot issue as well and with my running group due to start soon I can’t risk aggrevating but still wanted to do something. Hope you get to enjoy Janathon yourself!

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