2012: What a year!

With a few hours spare before we play host to 20-odd friends for seeing in the New Year there is just enough time for a final blog of the old one.

I’m resisting the temptation to write lines & lines about what I’ve done this year; if you read my blog regularly you will already have been through it once, and if you haven’t please feel free to look back over my old posts.  So I’ll try to be brief!

In a nutshell, for me, 2012 has been an amazing year.

Completing my charity running challenge in the spring was fantastic; running further and raising more money than even I thought possible.  Thanks to everyone who supported me.  Recording a personal best time at the Carterton 10k was the icing on the cake.

More expectations were exceeded by the Olympics and Paralympics.  Spending a few days in London, seeing 4 days of action, made it all the more special.  Never has London seemed happier.  Never have I been so touched and inspired.

The autumn was all about my running again with me setting a personal goal of completing my first half marathon in 7 years and smashing my previous best by 18 minutes!

Since the Oxford Half my running has been intermittent although my focus shifted to inspiring others to run.  In October I qualified as a UK Athletics “Leader in Running Fitness” and January will see the start of a new running group, aiming to assist others get running more often.

The year has drawn to a close with a lovely break from work, recharging with family and friends.

Whilst I have had an enjoyable year, I am all to aware of family and friends who have had harder times.  My thoughts are with you and I hope 2013 will be a better year for you.

Thank you and goodbye to 2012. 2013, you have a lot to live up to but I’m sure you won’t disappoint!


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