Back on the horse

It’s 10 days since my last run and even longer since my last blog.  I must admit that I’ve gone through a bit of a lull following my triumph at the Oxford Half Marathon.  A number of things have combined to hide my running mojo:

  • Awarding myself some time off after my Oxford Half PB
  • Not setting a new goal or target
  • The darker nights
  • The colder weather
  • A slight niggle in my right foot

It’s not all bad – I have been to the gym on a couple of occasions and can confirm that, thanks to my half marathon training programme from Adidas miCoach, I am officially fitter!  The gym fitness test shows my body fat is down to 20% and my resting heart rate has fallen to 56 bpm.  The hard work paid off but that alone hadn’t been enough to get me out of the door.

But tonight I felt different.

I realised that despite a weekend of walking around a wintery London my niggle had disappeared.  I actually wanted to go for a run again.  Even though I new the temperature was close to freezing.  That didn’t matter; I knew my Ronhill tracksters and smart tip gloves would do me right!

My mojo was returning.

The run was an nice, easy 4 and a half miles at 9 minute miles pace.  Nothing groundbreaking but it felt fantastic.  It was great to be in the fresh air again, allowing my mind to wander onto thoughts of the new running group I’m setting up in the New Year.

I’ve remembered why I love running so much, and why I want to share it with others – the reason I took my UKA Leader in Running Fitness course.

I’m back on the horse!


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