Running Away

As the weeks go by, the Oxford Half Marathon gets ever closer – it’ll be 3 weeks on Sunday.  I can’t believe the last 10 weeks of training has gone so quickly.  Thankfully, I’ve kept up the motivation and been building my confidence as well as my pace.  The biggest challenge is about to face me: a week’s holiday!

The Wife is now used to having to make space for the running gear in the suitcase.  Even on our first wedding anniversary in New York, I left her in the hotel on three mornings for 10k runs round Central Park!  So a lack of kit won’t prevent me from running but the lovely weather, the swimming pool and the food might have something to say.

Flying on two Saturday’s means my recent bout of running 4 times a week is definitely going to be out the window but perhaps the hilly location of the villa will make up for missing out a couple of runs.  Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to adding another pin to my running map!  What I’m really not looking forward to is coming back to the UK and having to adjust from the high-20’s of Mallorca, to the real prospect of winter running being on my doorstep again.

Do you take your kit with you on your travels?  What do you differently?  How do you adapt your training?


4 thoughts on “Running Away”

  1. Firstly have a great holiday. I’ve taken my running kit with me on various weekends away and even my main holiday in the Canaries in July this year. I’ve really enjoyed running in different places, although sometimes it can be a bit daunting when you’re not sure of your surroundings – but that’s just me. I only ran 4 times during my fortnight in the Canaries – the first one was a short 2 miler to get my bearings and the others were two 4 milers and then a 3 miler. I found it difficult to balance family time with running time, in the end I had to settle for early morning runs (before it got too hot) which meant not drinking alcohol the night before & cajoling the rest of the family into early nights rather than traipsing around town at midnight! Enjoy !

  2. I took my running gear to Greece for a couple of weeks holiday. It was 90-100 degrees so I had a full day acclimatising then ran every other day. I ran early in the morning to avoid the heat and I didn’t do any long runs. Not easy but worth it.

  3. I’m just back from holiday, and managed to squeeze in a couple of runs despite a lack of decent running terrain (few pavements, it turned out!). Running abroad is a great way to scout out new restaurants, cafes and interesting sights that might be off the well-trod tourist path – which makes my running habit much more palatable for my girlfriend as she gets to benefit from it too!

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