I can tell I’m back in the running zone. “How?” I can hear you ask (of course, I can’t actually hear you – you’d have to be shouting ridiculously loudly or have some sort of teleportation device to my house, both of which are equally unlikely – that’s just some artistic license there), well I’ll tell you.

The Great British summer is doing it’s best to sap my motivation but despite the driving rain I was looking forward to going for a run. If I wasn’t in the zone I would’ve bottled it.

I was only aiming for 30 minute jaunt so not really worth putting off. And it was my last chance to just run before I start a test of the Adidas miCoach half marathon training programme this weekend.

In a little over 13 weeks I’ll be tackling my first half marathon race since I hobbled round the Great North Run course in 2 hours 20 minutes back in 2006. I’ve opted a race a little closer to home: the Oxford Half Marathon.

It’ll only be the second time the race has been run and the inaugural race last year took some heavy criticism. It appears the organisers have listened and made improvements so hopefully it’ll be a cracker!

I’ll be attempting to blog frequently on my path to the finish line to talk about the miCoach training as well as any other bits of kit I use along the way.

Please feel free to comment on my posts or get in touch in Twitter. I want to hear other people’s thoughts, opinions and recommendations.


4 thoughts on “#britishsummer”

  1. How’s your training going so far? I’ve entered the Great North Run this year, so trying to train up to it. Only started running a few weeks back, but pleased with progress so far. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. After my 12 month running & fundraising challenge (check out my blog posts from March & earlier) I slacked off so this week is the start if me getting back into training properly. Today was day 1 of a 13 week programme – I’m using Adidas miCoach so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

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