The Italian Jog

Since I completed my 12-month running challenge my running has eased off dramatically.  It was nice to have a bit of a rest but it’s amazing how quickly my fitness has dropped off.  In the 10 weeks that followed my PB performance I’ve only been out running 7 times, although I’ve been to the gym a couple of times and the other week I opted for a swim session due to the heat.

This time last year I was embarking on Juneathon, a running community challenge to “job, log and blog” for every day in June.  It was a great way for me to clock my miles up for my challenge.  I also attempted the sister event of Janathon although aborted half way through due to a combination of busy work life, weather and my plan to hit my PB goal, as well as covering over 1000km.

I’m not taking part in Juneathon this year as I want to concentrate on my next target – to run a sub-2 hour half marathon.  I’ve entered the Oxford Half Marathon in October and will be looking to structure my training around 3 sessions a week – a gym session for interval work and cross training, a tempo run and a long run on the weekend to get used to running the longer distance – so Juneathon wasn’t going to work for me this year.  I will however, be looking to see how people are getting on with their own Juneathon efforts – the blogs are inspirational and often funny too.  If you like running then check them out.

My own training went a little wayward this week.  For the past 5 days I have spent most of each day in a Ford Mondeo ST24, covering 1800 miles across 7 countries on a TopGear-inspired challenge.  I’ll be writing a blog about it in more detail but here’s a quick summary: we travelled from Oxford to Dover for the ferry to Dunkirk, drove through France & Switzerland before crossing the Alps on the Grand St Bernard pass, stopping off at Lake Como in Italy before crossing back over the Alps into Austria via the Stelvio pass, then through Germany and Belgium to get back to Dunkirk for the return ferry.  A mammoth journey with some wonderful sights.

With long days in the car and camping for 3 of the 4 nights I didn’t expect to get any running in but took my kit.  Just in case.

I woke early at out night on Lake Como so I decided to get my kit on.  The 3 miles were slow and hard work but not particularly suprising.  The main thing is it was great to add an0ther country to my running world atlas!


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