Portugese Holibobs

Perhaps I’m getting lazy in my old age but here is a whistle-stop blog of our recent trip to Portugal. If you’re intrigued about any of the stories mentioned, by all means ask me for more!

Day 1

Big hail
Time for check-in – time for her break
Too many bags? No, too few
Taxi texting
Underdessed in hotel
Hash much?
What’s food hygiene?
Cheap tat
Friendly taxi
Hotel locked

Day 2

Breakfast drinks & doughnuts
That place called vertigo 1: The Lift
Cheeky cocktails
Tram 28
That place called vertigo 2: Castle
Taxi driver requires map
Galactico beers, galactico prices
Fabulars-ly healthy
Still don’t want dope
Where have all the good bars gone?

Day 3

Lisbon run 1: Edward VII Park
Upselling taxi man
That place called vertigo 3: Big J
Inept sailor
Any sandwiches?
Custard tarts
Scrabble in park
Taxi recommends pricey singing dinner
Seedy old town

Day 4

Last of the big breakfasts
Has the suitcase shrunk?
Easy check-in
Harrods cafe in Lisbon airport – wtf?
Good old McDonalds
Rummy without 2 Queens is not the same game
Graham goes for a Geoffrey
Gate at the end of the earth
Lisbon run 2: Final Call Dash
Cold Gatwick


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