Excuses, excuses

I’ve been frantically rescheduling the last few runs of my 12-month and 1,100km running challenge for Maggie’s Centres to ensure I hit my revised target distance.  My fundraising is up to £1275 which is awesome, hopefully I can push it further in this last week.  A busy week and weekend meant I needed to get out for a 10km run this morning after a few social bevvies last night.

It was the toughest run I’ve done in a long while.  I hadn’t gone out on Thursday or Friday after my epic 19km with John Gartland, aka Running Miss Daisy (@740miles21days) so my legs were tired and sluggish.  The four or five pints I had in our favourite pub, the Hollybush (whose sister pub the Horseshoes will be hosting a post challenge celebration in a week’s time), probably wasn’t the best preparation either.  And I have had a stinking cold this week too.

Some people may call these excuses, I like to think of them as justification!

I have eight days and 25 kilometres left of my challenge and this week will be all about being ready for an attempt to smash my PB at the Carterton 10k on Sunday 25th March.  The cold is just about gone, the legs will be fresh, I’ll be making sure I eat good stuff and the beer will have stoped.  Well, after a couple of Guinness tonight for St Patrick’s Day of course!


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