Times Like These

What an awesome day! This afternoon I got a call from a journalist, thanks to the help of Maggie’s media team, who wants to cover my fundraising story in the local papers, Oxford Mail & Witney Gazette. I’ve got a photographer coming tomorrow morning to get a photo of me in running gear with The Wife – very exciting!

I have also, thanks to the kindness of some colleagues, broken through the £1,000 fundraising mark today. With 1,038km covered, I now have £1,050 raised. With just over 2 weeks to go I hope to reach my £1,100 target – and then it’s just about raising as much as possible.

The third bit of positive news comes from my interval session stats. I not only reached my quickest top speed ever (I got to 03:10 per km for a moment) and covered 30 metres more in the interval sprints but I also broke the 7 minute mile barrier for the first time – covering a mile in 06:48.

It’s times like these that make it all worthwhile!

Thanks for reading.


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