Frickin Freezin

Today marks 3 weeks to go on my 12 month running and fundraising challenge for Maggie’s Centres.  Having broken my original 800km target in December and the 1000km mark last month I am following a schedule to reach 1100km by the time I finish the Carterton 10k on March 25th.  I’m chasing a target of raising £1100, £1 for every kilometre I run.

This morning the schedule had me down for a 16 kilometre run.  When I compiled the schedule I didn’t look at the weather forecast for today.  Little did I know it would be lashing down all morning.  As I’m no longer a fair weather runner, and with time ticking away in order to reach the 1100km target I needed to get out there.

My only running jacket proved not to be waterproof last year so I decided just to go with my long sleeved top.  I opted for my trusty cap to keep the rain out of my eyes but left the gloves at home as I thought it’d be warm enough and they’d just get soggy.

The first couple of kilometres weren’t too bad but by 4k I was soaked through, partly thanks to some puddles and a couple of passing cars!  I decided not to proceed on my route out into the villages,  The sides of the roads were gushing with water which meant not only would I be likely to receive further impromptu cold showers but also have to be running further into the road that I would like on the country roads.  Turning back towards Witney I now had to think how I could attempt to make up as much distance in and around town but away from roads where possible.

The rain wasn’t too bad and I found my rhythm.  That was until the temperature dropped and the wind took it even further towards zero.  My top was now heavy with rain and my trainers were squelching with every step.  My legs were red raw and my arms and hands were going numb.  I was at 12km and went for one last detour before turning for home aiming for 15 kilometres.  Unfortunately I had miscalculated so only achieved 14km but not a disappointment considering the conditions.  I’ve got 3 weeks to make up the extra 2k too!

On getting home I told The Wife how cold I was only to be told “It’s not cold, you’re just wet”.  Not long after getting into a warming bath I heard a shout up the stairs, “It’s snowing!”.  No wonder I was cold!

If any of you have suggestions for waterproof tops or jackets to run in then please pass them on.  I need to get something to keep the rain at bay so I can continue running in the lovely English weather!

—– Thanks for reading, here’s a reminder about why I’m running —–

I’m now at 1027km covered and £959 raised.

Only I can toil away to cover the kilometres to hit my running target but I need your help to reach my fundraising target.  I know times are tight for a lot of people at the moment but it would be marvellous if you could donate, even just a pound or two, on my fundraising page  Every penny I receive in donations is being matched by my company.

If you can’t donate then please donate a tweet or Facebook post about my challenge with a link to this blog or to my fundraising page.  It really would be appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Frickin Freezin”

  1. How about a parka? That will keep both the wind and rain out! Keep going Dan we are all behind you.

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