Spring In My Step

Tonight’s run was an absolute pleasure.  The sky was still blue, the sun was still shining.  I took the opportunity to head to Duck Lake for the first time since the Autumn and what a great choice.  Although still a touch muddy underfoot I still managed a decent pace.  There were plenty of wildlife distractions with a plethora of birds on the water and the banks.  I was making good time so I stopped to take a photo of the view:

Spring has sprung!

Another pleasant surprise, after my post-run cleanup was an e-mail from Just Giving telling me someone had made a £20 donation to my Maggie’s fundraising challenge.  My bigger surprise was, on checking my JustGiving page, that the donation has been made by a complete stranger!  A massive thank you to the generosity of Rachel Davies, who wanted to contribute to my fundraising challenge after reading a version of one of my earlier blogs that was featured in Breast Cancer Care’s Vita magazine.


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