My Olympic Dream

In case you have been living in a cave for the last few months, the year is 2012.  In a few months time a little sports day (or seventeen) is being held on a little parkland in the east end of London.  A few people are thinking of going to watch but I wanted to get involved in the action.

My training has been going well and I’m just getting faster and faster so maybe, just maybe I can make it.

Who am I kidding!  I’m no Team GB Olympic hopeful.  I wasn’t even successful in bearing the torch in the run up to the opening ceremony.  I have, however, received some exciting news today that brings my Olympic dream a step closer.

For the last eleven months I’ve been running to raise money to support the fantastic charity, Maggie’s, who support anyone who is affected by cancer.  Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or are a friend or relative of someone who has, then Maggie’s are there to offer support, advice or just a friendly face and a listening ear.

As of tonight I’m only 92km and £181 away from my 1,100km and £1,100 targets so what a boost to hear that a week after I finish my challenge I will be representing Maggie’s in the Olympic Stadium!

To celebrate the Gold Challenge, an Olympic-themed charity challenge, and as part of the test events for the London Games I will be among 20,000 charity representatives, celebrity ambassadors and Team GB legends taking part in an afternoon of sport-based entertainment.  I may even get a chance to walkthe track.

Thank you Maggie’s!

It was this inspiration that had me flying through my interval session tonight, adding another 5km to my running totaliser and building my speed further to assist in my aim of achieving a PB at the Carterton 10k – join me!


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