Please can you help?

The self-doubt that was creeping in to my mind this week was firmly told where to go this morning thanks to some inspiration from watching the National Cross Country championships at Parliament Hill and from all the people I know are desperate to be running but can’t due to injury.  It was also an opportunity to judge, with 4 weeks of my challenge remaining, just what I could expect to achieve at the Carterton 10k.

My schedule for the remainder of my challenge had me down for a 13km run today.  I hadn’t planned a route but I knew that I wanted to test myself by aiming for a 50 minute 10k so I just stuck with a run around the edge of Witney and then I could add a couple of kilometres on at the end.

In my mind I was thinking of hitting a steady pace of 5 minutes per kilometre but my heart took control and I just went for whatever pace I could sustain.  I was determined to push myself, to toughen up, to not give in.  Proof was needed that I could control the discomfort and keep going so that I could go into the Carterton 10k knowing that I can do it.

After clocking 5k in 24:34 I allowed myself a 15 second walk, as my ankles were starting to feel the pace, ensuring I picked up the pace right away afterwards.  The pace was maintained and I even felt, at my historic brick wall of 7k, that I could push on.  In reality, in was enough to keep me at 5 minute kilometres.  With 500 metres to go I kicked on, stretching my pace to 4 minutes per kilometre.  I felt like I had gone to early and was fading but looking at the GPS data I managed to hang on to that pace and complete the 10 kilometres in a new personal best time, albeit unofficial, of 48:55.  I managed to add a 1km warm down but was happy to finish a couple short of my planned distance – as long as I don’t drop any more kilometres I can still hit the 1,100km.

I have made it to a million metres in 11 months, something that I wouldn’t have dreamt of when I embarked on completing 800km in a year.  I’ve run in some fabulous places with some fabulous people and made some new friends along the way.  I now have 4 weeks to cover the final 97 kilometres and to help secure my 10k race PB at the Carterton 10k.  I now have 4 weeks to push my fundraising total above the £919 at which it stands to raise as much as possible for Maggie’s Centres.

There are a number of ways that you can help me:

  1. Visit and donate – every pound that you donate will be doubled by my employer
  2. For those of you who are runners, click here to find out how to join me for the Carterton 10k on March 25 to provide some moral support
  3. For those of you who don’t run, please join The Wife and others in cheering me on at the Carterton 10k – I cannot stress to non-runners how much positive impact your cheers make on keeping the legs moving quickly
  4. If all else fails please tell your friends, families and followers about me and my challenge by e-mailing, reposting or retweeting this blog

Thanks in advance for you help and thanks for reading.


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