Approaching A Million Metres

I write this blog in the 3G and WiFi blackspot that is the Holiday Inn in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, where I am staying again for a couple of days for some head office work.

The recession has been unkind to many businesses and we have been no exception but we have a few great people at the top of our organisation who are pushing in the right direction. I have a very interesting role working alongside the Directors & Senior Managers on Business Improvement.

The work is varied and challenging. It feels like I can really make a difference. That is until you hit one of the brick walls. I’m sure you’ve got them in your organisation.

I hit a brick wall hard this morning. Not physically, otherwise I’d have been hauled in front of HR. I mean metaphorically of course.

This isn’t unusual in my role but this morning I hit this one hard. It was bigger than most I’ve hit and I hit it faster than I’ve hit one before. The way the debris covered me took me by surprise.

Needless to say, I was strapped in and wearing my helmet. So I’ve dusted myself off, informed the appropriate authorities and I’m back on my way. I’ll be fine, so will the business.

I’ve no idea if any of my colleagues read this – it’ll be interesting to see if anyone asks me more tomorrow but now back to business: my running challenge!

Another 6 kilometres tonight in Westhill have taken me to 992km on my journey to 1100km. It was a solid run but left me worried that my pace over 5 & 6km isn’t where I want it to be.

As well as aiming for 1100km (& more importantly £1100 for Maggie’s Cancer Centres) I’m aiming to beat my 10k PB of 51:46.

I’ve run faster in training & ultimately I’ve had two long, tiring days at work so probably shouldn’t be worried. I’ve made some awesome progress recently so I need to believe in my ability.

I guess some of the apprehension is over the challenge coming to an end. And whether I’ll hit my self imposed target of £1100. And whether I’ll beat my PB by what I’d be happy with. And whether a little target I had on the side – to inspire 20 others to run with me on my final run – will actually materialise. Lots of people have said they were interested over the weeks but were they just being polite? I don’t want to pester as I’ve been banging on for 11 months about my running. I guess we’ll see on March 25th.

This blogging lark is very therapeutic. What on earth did I do before? 🙂


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