Page 23 – Get In Line

Here’s the next installment about my recent participation in the international sketchbook project organised by Arthouse.

The theme I chose was “Along The Line” which I’ve interpretted both literally in terms of the style of my drawings but also to use the pages to portray different things associated with the timeline of my life so far – a mini-autobiography, if you will.

This is the first of 3 pages dedicated to my personal running inspirations, this one pays homage to Steve Naylor.

Get In Line
Page 23 - Get In Line

Steve came to running late but has taken to it like a duck to water and his performances have won him county titles and an England call up too.  He’s still getting quicker too!

Last year Steve competed in his first road race as an elite entrant – the Bupa 10,000 in London – and that is what I’ve drawn.

The black line at the top is Mo Farah, the one at the bottom is the last finisher of the race.  The blue and red lines mark every hundred and thousand finishers.  The length of the lines are proportionate to the race finshing time of that finisher.  Just under Mo’s lines is a green line with is the one and only Steve Naylor – who finished in 22nd place and just 90 seconds being Mo Farah.


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