Monopoly Marathon

As I couldn’t be bothered to do my interval session on Thursday I needed to squeeze it into between finishing work on Friday and a night with around at Graham, Jenny & Bear’s house.  The end of the week had left some tiredness in my legs but I still managed to cover more distance during the intervals than ever before at 2.47km (beating the previous best of 2.43km) and also managed a higher peak pace at 03:30 (bettering 03:35) albeit only for a moment.  It was also another 5km to add to my Maggie’s challenge, which now stands at 970km run.  With 5 weeks left I have pencilled in a plan to reach 1100km in the 12 months.  Hopefully the weather will be kind.

The plan for the evening was for a group of us to get together and has a fish supper before playing Monopoly.  I made two crucial mistakes.  One: I forgot the dinner arrangements and had a large portion of cheesy chips for lunch.  Two: Monopoly brings out the worst in us all.  And takes forever.

The eight of us tucked into what can only be called a feast, with my eyes forcing my stomach to be big enough to devour a sausage, fish cake and half the fish that The Wife didn’t managed.  Not to mention more chips.  I know, the diet of a true athlete!  Once cleaned up we embarked on a three-hour game of Monopoly that ultimately ended without conclusion.

I tried to steal the moral victory as I was the only person who didn’t “collaborate” with fellow players but Bear, being similarly stubborn, was not having any of it!  There was some good banter but ultimately it went on so long that most people lost the will to live.

From a running point of view, it made me think of the guys who ran across London last summer, following the places on the Monopoly board, and raising over £2000 in the process.  Thinking about it, whilst taking longer, the 45 miles might be less painful than attempts to play the board game to an amicable completion!


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