Page 15 – One Line

I saved this next installment about my recent participation in the international sketchbook project organised by Arthouse until today as it was more apt.

The theme I chose was “Along The Line” which I’ve interpretted both literally in terms of the style of my drawings but also to use the pages to portray different things associated with the timeline of my life so far – a mini-autobiography, if you will.

I will confess one thing: the illustration was not made with one continuous line.  The title is less literal.  The drawing is of a diamond, but not just any diamond.  This is an exact drawing of the diamond that, once attached to a ring of platinum, I purchased for The Wife, while she was still The Girlfriend!

One Line
Page 15 - One Line

On our first visit to New York I had planned to pop the question, and with a hotel just a few hundred yards from Tiffany’s what else could I do?

Having already contacted Tiffany’s to understand how one goes about buying an engagement ring I knew I had time to find the perfect opportunity to ask the question.  My nerves however decided to wait til the end of our holiday.

I decided to subtly feed the conversation towards the question by stating that it’d be nice to take something home from Tiffany’s as a memento.  The romantic response was, “Like a snowglobe? Or a keyring?”

When it finally dawned, the next comment was, “We can’t, that’ll be too expensive.”

Following the nature of the question, I had to insist that it was my way or no way.  I was putting my foot down!

We headed across to Tiffany’s to be shown the options.  It was a little embarrassing to have to admit that we couldn’t tell the difference between a couple of the diamonds.  They all looked wonderfully sparkly.

Once we had decided on the ring we were invited to a small table to sort out the paperwork and were offered a drink.

“A glass of water would be lovely” said The dry-mouthed Fiancée. “Oh”, came the response, “I thought you might want to celebrate with some champagne?”

Now that’s customer service!

While waiting for the paperwork we clocked someone we thought we recognised.  Surely it couldn’t be?  It turns out it could.  And their wife would be the first to congratulate us.

It was none other than Sir Clive Woodward and his wife, Jayne, doing some Christmas shopping.  Sir Clive, shuffling the receipts into his wallet, added his best wishes to his wife’s and went on his way.

So anyway, ultimately, after returning to the UK we received a package from Tiffany’s.  It was the final piece of the paperwork: the diamond certificate, with a depiction of the diamond.

The one line?  “Will you marry me?” of course.


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