The 2012 Real London Game

One Sunday a couple of years ago we were sat in Gemma & Rich’s front room in Battersea allowing our competitive spirits some exercise with some board game fun.  We were in London, playing the London Game.  An idea was formed.  We are now heading towards the 3rd Real London Game and would like to open the invitation for you to join us.

The London Game is a simple game set on an a board depicting the central section of the London underground.  The aim is to travel around London visiting 6 randomly selected tourist locations before your competitors can visit their 6 randomly selected locations, whilst avoiding the hazards that are thrown every time you change line.  As we played, we pondered what would stop us from playing the game on the real London underground.

It didn’t take us long to come up with a real life translation and the Real London Game was born.

Two people act to co-ordinate the game: The Fat Controller and his (or her) assistant, the Thin Controller.  The Thin Controller learns the ropes from the Fat Controller so as to be able to take over from the Fat Controller in the following year.  After being the Thin Controller last year, I’m porking up in preparation to be the Fat Controller on Saturday 14 April for this year’s game.

Stage 1: Deal & Seal

The Controllers deal 5 random location cards and seals them into envelopes numbered 1 to 5.  This will form the order in which you travel to your destinations, opened one by one by the Controllers.  Part of the game is the inconvenience of not knowing were you’re heading to next.

Stage 2: And They’re Off

With the teams armed with their day travel cards, the Controllers open the first envelopes to reveal each team’s first destination and off they dash to the nearest bus stop, train station or tube station.  You’re only allowed to use scheduled public transport or your own propulsion – no taxis and no thumbing lifts!

Stage 3: Progress

On reaching a destination the team must send a photo message back to the Controllers of at least one team member in front of the destination.  The Controllers will log your progress and then reveal the next destination.

Stage 4: Challenges

Additional challenges will be set throughout the day either in the form of something to collect and bring back or as an immediate race to an additional location.  All teams play the challenges and with time bonuses and penalties to incur in can have a massive effect on the outcome of the game.  Be ready to decide whether to continue to your next destination and risk being penalised or to drop everything in the hope of winning the challenge to pick up the bonus.

Stage 5: Winning

The winning team is the first to visit all 5 destinations and return back to the starting point in the quickest time, after the time bonuses and penalties have been applied.  It’s not always the first team back who wins if you’ve not done well in the challenges!

So that’s the gist of the game.  Interested?  Here’s the details of this year’s game.

The 2012 Real London Game will be held on Saturday 14 April, with the first destinations being revealed at 12 noon so you’ll need to be at The Masons Arms, 169 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4BT before that to get sorted.

As well as the game being great fun we use it to raise a little money for charity by asking for a £5 entry fee from each player.  This year’s nominated charity is the African Children’s Fund, an Oxfordshire-based charity doing fantastic work in East Africa to support children in gaining an education.  Each entry fee buys 100 bowls of porridge to be served at one of the school’s the charity supports.

If you interested please visit the 2012 Real London Game event page on Facebook for a bit more info and to “sign up”.  let me know if you have any questions and hope to see some of you there.

In the meantime please spread the word by sharing this blog and if you Tweet please use #RealLondonGame.


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