Page 10 – The Beginning

Here’s the next installment about my recent participation in the international sketchbook project organised by Arthouse.

The theme I chose was “Along The Line” which I’ve interpretted both literally in terms of the style of my drawings but also to use the pages to portray different things associated with the timeline of my life so far – a mini-autobiography, if you will.

Newcastle is not only where I went to University but also where my running career took it’s fledgeling steps.  Some of you may recognise the coastline.  Some of you might recognise the river.  But the runners amonst you may well recognise the journey marked in green.

The Beginning
Page 10 - The Beginning

In the year 2000, one of my flatmates convinced me to sign up for the Great North Run.  Back in those days there was no ballot; if you applied you got in.  I did some training but looking back, I was woefully unprepared.  In the following 6 years I took on this great race a further 3 times, and all of them involved lack of training and too much walking.

After 2006 I said never again but that was before I really got into running.  It’s a lot harder to get in nowadays but I’d like to tackle the course again with my new found year of intensive running experience.


One thought on “Page 10 – The Beginning”

  1. That’s a very familiar route! Although I can hardly believe it was possible to get in the Great North Run without a ballot. I was on the start line as a journalist in 2000 and 2001 and a couple of other years. It never failed to move me. I’m so glad I can say I’ve run it.

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