A Sneak Preview

I’ve mentioned the Sketchbook Project in my normal blogs but have decided to write a bit more, specifically about the sketchbook to give you an insight into what I’ve done and why.  This is just a post to introduce the sketchbook project and my interpretation of the project.

The Sketchbook Project is the creation of the Brooklyn Art Library and it’s resident, the Art House Co-op.  On signing up you pick a theme and get sent one of 20,000 identical, blank sketchbooks.  The other 19,999 are distributed to the other participants around the world.  My aunt, who is a professional artist had mentioned the project back in 2010 and it captured the imagination of my creative side so when I saw the latest one I signed up.  I also managed to convince The Wife to join in too.

The theme I picked was “Along The Line” and after months of brainstorming I’d roughly figured out what I wanted to do with the 32 pages.  Then I procrastinated.  And continued to procrastinate until I had only 4 weeks until I had to send it back to NYC!  Further procrastination meant that this weekend was full of one thing: completing the sketchbook.  It was like homework all over again!  Why do I leave it to the last-minute?  Although I will say, the pressure means I finally get on with it and it probably means that the result is more effective and less contrived.

The Wife got it safely in the post today, along with her’s and they are winging their way to NYC to be catalogued before joining a massive tour of the US between April and September, with a special date for a show in London to be confirmed!

Anyway, my interpretation of the theme comes in 3 parts:

  1. Firstly, literally drawing  using lines only, drawn with a limited selection of Berol felt pens
  2. Secondly, illustrating and using different meanings and phrases that use the word line
  3. And finally, using the time line of my life so far as the basis of the “story” through the sketchbook

This resulted in a mini-autobiography of graphic line drawings called, “Somewhere Along The Line Running Found Me”.

Over the next few weeks I’ll write about each of the illustrations with more detail about them and their inspirations.  Just as a taster I thought I’d show you the first couple of pages to set the scene.  The photos may not be quite in focus, we were in a hurry to get the sketchbook in the post!

I hope you enjoy viewing my sketchbook as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Please, please leave me your comments.  I’d be interested to know your thoughts.


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