The Right Right Foot

Since I dropped from trying to run every day my legs have been feeling better and the quality of my training has improved.  Today the focus moved from pace to distance on the traditional long, easy Sunday run.  I was going to use my hub-and-artery system I devised last weekend but using some of the loops I didn’t use last time.

The weather was misty and it appears my thoughts were too.  As I was about to head downstairs to get my trainers on The Wife jested, “Have you got your socks on the right feet?”

Up until a few months ago I would have wryly grinned back at The Wife to treat the question with the contempt it deserved.  That was until I found out that you could get left- and right-footed socks.  I was lucky enough to receive a couple of pairs of these anatomically designed socks for Christmas and I must say, they are tremendously comfortable.

In response to the cheeky question I flipped up my right foot to see, to my embarrassment, the black letter “L”.  Checking my left foot, as if I could have been mistaken, displayed a similarly embarrassing black letter “R”.  Oops!  Thankfully The Wife had quipped otherwise I would have set off on my long run with discomfort time bomb waiting to happen!

I wasn’t too sure how far I’d go but I knew I wanted to hit at least an hour or 12km.  As I was testing the new loops I wasn’t entirely sure of their distance but I was fairly certain that if I was able to do the 3 it would be at least 14km.  Today was all about the distance but I still had a pace goal in mind – I wanted to be able to see an average pace of between 5m30 and 5m45 per kilometre to indicate an overall improvement in fitness and pace.

Quickly I relaxed into a rhythm and was feeling good, a couple of times having to slow the pace down a little so as to last the distance.  On starting the third loop my mind was now turning to a distance of 16km although my estimated distance to home would leave me almost a kilometre short.

Hearteningly, I was able to lift my pace for the last few kilometres and as I’d expected I was going to run shy of the 10 miles so a couple of impromptu loops of the neighbouring estate enabled me to get the magic 16 kilometres.  The last few hundred metres was harder than it should have been thanks to an unusual pain on the top of my right foot.  A pain, that I’m happy to say, has since disappeared.

I managed to clock the 10 miles in 1 hour 27 minutes and 15 seconds resulting in an average pace of 5m27 per km which was ahead of target, thanks to those last few quicker kilometres.  Things are looking good with only 8 weeks left of my fundraising challenge.  Only 8 weeks until I aim to beat my 10k personal best at Carterton (which I’m hoping people can come and join me at).

The rest of the day has seen a rest for the legs and instead, put my creative skills to the test.  The Wife and I have been completing our sketchbooks for the Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project World Tour 2012!   For any of you in the States or willing to visit London, you will be able to view our sketchbooks when they go on tour later this year.  For everyone else, I’ll be doing a feature blog on my sketchbook soon.  Tomorrow our sketchbooks head to NYC for cataloging into the touring collection.


2 thoughts on “The Right Right Foot”

  1. I can guarantee that I can pick 2 socks from the pile and they will both be R (or L). Then when I get a R and a L, I will blindly put the first one on the wrong foot. It takes a while to get me entirely and successfully dressed in the morning.

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