Character Building

I had to set out on my run later than normal tonight after assisting my brother with his new venture.  I was shattered but knew I wanted to break through the 900km mark so I set out for a 5km.  I should have known that it wasn’t going to be quite the run I planned when after 1km my hands were like ice.  I had massively under-estimated the weather.

I cracked on, hoping that concentrating on pace would take my mind off the cold hands.  It soon started mizzling.  My thoughts changed from cold hands to hoping it would rain harder.

By two kilometres I had realised that I’d picked the wrong loop and was on a 4km loop rather than the intended 5.  By two and a half I was thanking my lucky stars I was on a shorter route.

The mizzle was no longer mizzle – it was now a full on wintry downpour.  The hail was jabbing at my naked legs and bouncing off my icy hands.  The snow was dripping down my hatless, and for those of you that know me, rapidly hairless head.  One thing is for sure, the nasty turn in the weather was certainly a pace motivator; looking at my splits my times tumbled from just under 5 minutes per kilometre to 4 and a half minutes a kilometre!

Was chuffed with an average pace of 4m42 and a quickest kilometre at 4m28, along with breaking through the 900km mark.  I’m now at 901km covered in exactly 10 months on my journey to 1000km.  I’ve also received some donations this week taking me to £888 raised on my challenge to raise £1000 for Maggie’s.  It makes the red-raw hail battered legs worth it.


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