Approaching 900

For those who read my last blog I’d like to start by letting you all know that I had a terrible time at the Strictly Come Dancing tour in Birmingham on Sunday.  But I’m afraid I can’t.  It was a great show and lovely to spend some time with The Wife doing something different.  If you like Strictly then get to the show – the professional dancers (and Harry, and maybe Chelsee) are superbly fit (physically as well as attractively) and incredibly fast.

And now back to the business of Janathon.

You’ll be aware that Janathon hasn’t quite gone to plan for me so I’ve had to rein back, instead focussing on quality not quantity.  Today being Tuesday is my self-set interval session.  A simple but effective session given to me by my good friend @marathon_pat is my weapon of choice.

This is the third week of doing it and I am feeling there is some progress.  I covered marginally more distance in the 22 minutes today (probably a couple hundred metres) but more importantly felt more comfortable on the 4th leg so was able to push harder for longer.  Looking forward to this time next week to see how much more I can do.

The 4km I covered tonight is another 4km closer to my goal of covering 1000km in 12 months.  As I come to wards the end of my 10th month of running I am still making good progress and have now covered 897km.  Unfortunately, and maybe due to the time of year, my fundraising total is stuck on £858.  I’m hoping that after January pay-day, approaching and hopefully passing the million metres mark (or 1000km to you) will see a flurry of new donations to take me to my £1000 fundraising target.

If you have already donated, thank you.  If you can afford to donate any amount it will be gratefully received – and doubled by my employer.  If you haven’t, or can’t donate any money please, please, please share a link to this blog ( or my Just Giving page (  And if you’re local, or willing to travel, please come to cheer me on in the Carterton 10k on March 25, my final run of my challenge.  If you fancy, you could even join me on the run!


4 thoughts on “Approaching 900”

    1. Thanks Natalie – I’m still feeling good about breaking the 1000km mark within the 12 months. Amazing considering I was originally aiming for 800km!

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