Easy Like Sunday Morning

Last night The Wife and I went round to see my brother and his wife Kellie to talk through some of their ideas on expanding their business venture: Simple Bakery.  They’ve got some amazing ideas and it’s really exciting to be asked to be involved.  We recently got to try their newest flavour cupcake – Lemon Meringue Pie – which was awesome!  If you get a moment, why not follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.  The next few months are going to be really exciting for them.

Spending the evening talking through the ideas meant no alcohol which in turn meant that I had no excuse to get out for a long run this morning.  During January I had been limiting my mileage in order to try to run every day for Janathon but this just hasn’t worked with my work commitments or my legs.  So with 9 weeks to go to the Carterton 10k, the climax of my 12 month running challenge, I have dropped back to 3 runs a week (1 interval session, one 5/6km medium pace and a long easy run) in order to get my legs back on track and put some quality training in.

This morning was my longest run since 30 December and didn’t I know it!  It’s just proven that I need to get back into the routine of quality rather than quantity of runs.  I decided to try a different route to try to make it a little more interesting and also allow me to scale up (or down) distance as I progress.  Using the roundabout at the bottom of Corn Street as a hub I set off on one of it’s 5 arteries – the idea is I run away from the hub on artery 1, returning to it along artery 3, then out on number 2, back on 4, then out on 3, back on 5 and so on until I’ve covered the necessary distance or until I’m shattered!

Today I decided to cover 10km but was unsure how many arteries I’d need to cover as I’d not run this way before.  Thanks to the miCoach GPS tracking I can now see the first loop is 4km and the second loop is 5km and with a little at the start and finish I clocked my 10km in a decent 52m15 – a little quicker than my “easy” aim of 55 minutes.

Looking at google maps it looks like loop 3 of my hub & artery system will be about 5km, the fourth looks about 5.5km and the fifth looks to be about 4km which will provide a total distance, if I complete all 5 loops, of about 23/24km!  Some loops are flatter than others so it should provide a decent variety for my training.  Only time will tell!

It’s nearly time for The Wife and I to head to Birmingham – we’re off to see the Strictly Come Dancing tour at the NIA tonight.  The Wife loves Strictly so I got her tickets as part of her Christmas present.  I know, I am a good husband!  Secretly (well, not that secretly now having told all of you) I’m quite excited about it too, although I was disappointed to hear that Ola won’t be there!


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