Along The Line

A great night out last night at the best pub in Witney, the Hollybush (aka @Hollybush1 on Twitter), didn’t stop me getting our for a run this morning.  Although, I must admit that it did follow a nice lay in and a bowl of Kellogg’s Crave.  What can I say?  It’s a guilty pleasure.

The blue sky had disappeared just as I got my trainers on and was replaced by rain.  Damn that lay in!  The rain does however add a little motivation for getting round quickly.  I’d chosen to hit a swift 3km loop today with the view of keeping my legs fresh for my first long run in ages tomorrow.

After no runs for a couple of days my legs were feeling good although my breathing was suffering!  Nothing to do with the handful of pints I’d had last night.  I kept on pushing and covered the 3km in a decent 14m23 – 4m47 per kilometre.  So my running total now sits at 883km covered ad £858 raised and I’m still on course for my targets of 1000km and £1000 by the Carterton 10k on 25 March.

This afternoon I finally got stuck in to completing my sketchbook for the Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook World Tour.  I’d chosen the theme “Along The Line” and have decided to make it a mini-biography called “Somewhere Along The Line Running Found Me”.  I managed to get 6 pages completed.  Only 26 more to go before having to get it posted a week on Monday!

Off to see my brother tonight about his new business venture Simple Bakery – simply brilliant cupcakes!


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