Wobbly Arms

Firstly I’d like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read, comment and re-post my recent blog about breast cancer awareness and the Facebook status “games” that purport to raise said awareness.  I’ve been overwhelmed by just how many people have read it (it almost instantly became my highest read post!) and seeing how much people have appreciated and agreed with the sentiments is awesome.  Unless you truly believe you are fully aware of breast cancer I urge you to read it and encourage your friends, families and colleagues to read it too – and share it with the men in your life.  We all need to be more aware.

But back to the, trivial in comparison, trials and tribulations of Janathon!

My arms are just about returning to normal although reaching for anything above waist height is low down my priority list at the moment.  I managed to get away form work at a reasonable time so that meant The Wife and I were able to head up the gym for a swim.  I’ve decided that trying to run so frequently for Janathon was actually having a detrimental effect on my legs and my performance as a whole, so swimming was a good option.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a great swimmer but I still have my own personal bests in this area to target.

Earlier in Janathon I matched my personal best distance of 510 metres in one session and smashed the time it took – slashing it from 30 minutes down to 25.  So, as I slipped into an almost deserted pool, I gritted my teeth and remembered what The Wife has said to me in my last session: if I was out running would I stop if it got hard?

Of course I wouldn’t.

So transferring that mentality to the pool I began my breaststroke session, and was encouraged to see I was covering the 17 metre lengths in well under a minute at a time.  Keeping an eye on the clock I stopped at 10 lengths to stretch my arms, shoulders and back.  I was one of the last kids in school to swim and as a result I’m not sure I have an effective technique.  My shoulders and neck become very tense and tight which can’t help.

I seemed to reach 20 lengths with no problem but started to feel my energy draining; I was pushing towards max distance but also was pushing the pace to see what I could do.  Reaching my personal best distance of 30 lengths in a quicker than ever time, I forced myself to push another 2 lengths.  I ended up covering 544 metres in just 24 minutes.  Two extra lengths and still a minute quicker than my previous best time for 30 lengths.

It’s great when the improvement is so visible.  But my arms were so wobbly, they felt like they were going to fall off!


2 thoughts on “Wobbly Arms”

  1. I admire your determination! Well done on your swim. I do like swimming but only tend to go with the kids in tow, and one of them can’t swim yet, so neither do I! 🙂

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