Janathon Challenges

After a long day of briefing sessions to roll out a new quality system at work meant I was too shattered to go for my Janathon activity yesterday.  It was my first fail of Janathon, although the tide has been against me since the beginning of January.  I had already had t claim two walks as part of my Janathon activities which is not ideal.  The weather and dark nights haven’t helped but it’s been the busiest January of my working life that has caused most difficulty.

I managed to get out for another interval session tonight and will continue to get out as much as I can for the rest of January.  I’m up to 880km covered on my 12 month running & fundraising challenge for Maggie’s, and I’m on target to hit my target of 1000km and £1000.  I need to concentrate on quality, rather than quantity of sessions to ensure I can hit my personal target of smashing my personal best at my challenge climax at the Carterton 10k.

In other running news, I was in Cardiff at the weekend to watch my friend and running inspiration, Steve Naylor, compete in the UKA McCain Cross Challenge.  The weather was great and after walking the course it was clear that it’d be a good race, although not enough hills for Steve’s liking!

It was great to watch so many young people run in the junior races, although the Primary school age groups had The Wife aah-ing at some of the little ones sobbing their hearts out as they pegged it the last 200 metres to the finish line.  Soon enough it was time for the Senior Male race.  As I’ve mentioned before, Steve is only a couple of years into his running career but he’s got natural talent so was aiming to be in the top 10% of the 120 on the entry list, and be within 2 minutes of the leader at the finish.

The 5 laps seem to fly by as a spectator and the speed of these runners just amazed me.  The winner, Frank Tickner, covered the 10.1km course in 32 minutes and 10 seconds – a superb pace in a road race let alone for a cross country.  My friend Steve, struggling with bruised ribs after an over-enthusiastic chiropractor session, managed to come across the line in 13th, just 1m19 behind the leader so not a bad effort.  In two weeks time he’s got the Southern’s before competing in the Inter-County XC and the final McCain Cross challenge to close the cross country season.

On another note, I have been so pleased at the reaction to my last blog covering my reaction to the most recent Facebook game purporting to be raising awareness of breast cancer.  Please read it and let me know what you think.


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