Made it for a run yesterday but didn’t make it round to blogging. It was home from work late (for a Friday), dinner then out to G’s to win lose at poker.

After a couple of comments from @marathon_pat and best mate, but not running convert G, I decided a quick 3km was in order to show, as much to myself, that there’s pace in them there legs.

I think the freezing temperatures helped motivate and despite tiredness I clocked an average pace of 4m52 per kilometre, peaking with a 4m35 km in the middle.

There was only 5 of us for poker: me, G, Bear Mate, Finchy (no, of course not the one from the Office – he’s just a TV character) and Mark “Bridge Destroyer” Sutton. It meant it was a social game with plenty of interjecting and setting if the World to right.

Had a cracking evening (especially the not completely unexpected but interesting news) despite losing at poker but that meant no time for blogging. After a lazy lay in this morning it’s now some more work (I know it’s Saturday but needs must) before lunch and then off to Cardiff, ready to be Steve Naylor’s cheerleaders at the McCain Cross Country Challenge.


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