New Energy

It was another late finish, after a 12 hour shift, but progress has been made on the project even if we have had to reduce the scope.  Perhaps we were a little ambitious with what we could achieve on our first outing with Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint 2010!  We’re still on for implementing something far more effective than our current Excel & e-mail solution next week.

Knowing it was going to be a late one I had taken my running kit with me to work so that I could get out straight away.  If I went home first then I know I’d struggle to go back out for a run.  At 6pm, when I went to pick up a sugar-boost from the vending machine downstairs, I was informed by one of my Directors who was heading out of the door that, other than the cleaners, I was the last one in!  I knew by 7pm that I’d be brushed out of the door by the cleaners so I got to a point where I could finish and got my kit on.  Despite the long day, I felt ready for a run.  Excited almost.

Yesterday I got a message from my good friend, and the closest thing I’ve got to a coach, Pat.  He was concerned that Janathon was having a negative impact on my quest to finish my 1000km challenge on a high with a mighty PB at Carterton.  He had seen what I had noticed – I was running frequently but not anywhere near the pace I had been hitting before Christmas.  What is it they say “quality not quantity”?

He’d given me a small interval programme to try out.  I was going to try it yesterday but I’d lost my running mojo.  Luckily today I had found it again so I headed to a spot in town where the ground is flat and the road is long and quiet enough to buzz up and down it for 20 minutes.  I set up a workout with the intervals times and effort bands on miCoach and set off.

I didn’t go for the flat-out version just yet; my legs were still feeling a little weary but I was still pushing my legs faster than they’d been for a long time.  By the fourth and final rep it was getting much tougher to stay at the right effort level, but I stuck at it and feel much better for doing it.  I’ll certainly be using the session in my continued pursuit of my 10k PB and my 1000km.  So thank you @marathon_pat for the inspirational intervals.  Who’d’ve thought it – intervals can be fun!

Pat’s fairly new to Twitter so he’s still learning the ropes but please do follow him and help show him how us runners love to use Twitter.

While you all go off and follow @marathon_pat I’m going to head to bed.  It’s another 12 hour shift tomorrow.  And yes, I know it’s Friday.


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