Janathon Blues

I knew it would come but I hadn’t realised it’d be as soon as day 11.

There is a point when trying to balance exercising every day with the normal routine of work, dinner, sleep and time with The Wife goes past being a challenge and starts being a pain in the backside.  It hasn’t helped that this month sees my busiest ever period at work, with a huge project implementation on tight timescales looming, adding to the difficulty level.

I got home around half seven, with the thought of needing to return for seven in the morning to make up some lost time.  Hungry and tired, I wasn’t going to be able to run tonight.  Was this it?  Were my Janathon efforts coming to an abrupt end?  I turned to Twitter to ask for ideas considering the back story.

Despite much encouragement from the Twittersphere, I only managed a walk of a mile tonight.  Like an Olympic Walker (it was nothing like an Olympic Walker) I strode out.  To the chip shop.  I’m not sure the 83 calories I burned will quite outweigh the fried goodness.  Or the 2 custard tarts that The Wife bought me as a surprise!  Oh well, there’s not much to me at the best of times so a few additional calories won’t hurt.

A positive note on the walk is that I smashed my average pace from the day 3 calamity in Terminal 5.  And that I went out at all.  And actually, despite the relatively small workout I feel a bit perkier for it!  I might just try one of these plank thing-a-me’s that seem to be all the rage at the moment.  It might make my day 11 efforts feel more justifiable.


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