Get Shorty

Another long but productive day at work, with positive conversations with the MD and FD, so I was later than normal for my run.  With the legs feeling a bit tired after the first 9 days of Janathon, and with one eye on March 25th, I opted not to push too much tonight so just went for a 3km run.  After some slower runs so far this year I put in some encouraging pace covering the 3km in 15 minutes; not my quickest but a good solid run.

What I wanted to use my Janathon Day 10 blog for is to let people know about something I found through Twitter today called the Shorty Awards ( – a celebration of users of social media, especially Twitter.

There are tons of categories and you can nominate/vote for anyone via a Tweet.  It’s dead easy.

It seems to take a while for new nominees to be shown on the site but don’t let that stop you.  I’ve nominated all sorts of people in all sorts of categories, including @jogblog in the social fitness category.  Nominating and voting is open until 17 February 2012.  Also, don’t be put off by people like Justin Bieber appearing at the top of the charity category – there is an audit of the categories to ensure the nominations are related before the top 6 entrants are shortlisted!

Take a look, I found it interesting.

And if you like my blogs why not nominate me under the blogger category:


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