Swim, Forest, Swim

After a busy few days, and some achy legs yesterday, I decided that I would turn to swimming, my cross-training saviour during Juneathon.  It was the first time I’ve been up to the gym since Juneathon; now that I’ve found running I’m out on the road whenever I want to exercise.  It also enabled me to Janathon with The Wife, who doesn’t run but loves to swim.

It was tough going and after 4 lengths I stood up for a pause – my upper body strength has never been that great and with all my focus on running, it’s been somewhat neglected.  Needless to say, The Wife was there to offer support and encouragement.  Her wise words made absolute sense:

If you were out running and your legs felt a bit tired you wouldn’t stop would you?

So that was me told.  Off I splashed, with my uncomfortable, unrefined breaststroke with a target of 30 lengths, which in the small pool meant 510 metres and a personal best.  Or so I thought!  It was only on checking my Juneathon posts that I realised I managed to clock up 510m in a session in late June so an equal personal best distance, although, I did knock 5 minutes off the time it took.  A 5 minute improvement to a PB.  That doesn’t happen every day!

I’m not sure what the norm is but The Wife also pointed out that I could have run 5000 metres  in the time it took me to swim 500 – 10 times quicker at running than swimming.  Are there any triathloners (is that what you call them?) that can advise what the normal ratio is between swimming and running speeds?


4 thoughts on “Swim, Forest, Swim”

  1. The men’s world record for 400m freestyle and the men’s world record for running a mile are 3m40s and 3m43s respectively. So about four times faster to run, though obviously those athletes don’t do both 🙂

  2. An all out mile for me running is probably round 7 minutes (although haven’t done a straight mile for while!), 400m swim time is 9m 30s. Generally swim a mile in 43 minutes.

    I’m too tired to figure out what these numbers mean, but hope they help! Its also worth pointing out I’m not a very good swimmer!!

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