Early Morning Janathon

Now I say early but according to twitter, a fair few of you had already been out by the time I got out of bed. For me 07:20 is early for my running – I mostly run after work, partly as an unwinding exercise but mostly as I like to steal as many extra minutes in bed as I can!

I repeated the 3pm lap from yesterday although the main difference this morning was the absence of the wind and sleet. Instead, Jack Frost (the icy sprite rather than the TV detective) had been out before me and laid a wonderful sparkly carpet.

Luckily it wasn’t too slippy although in a couple of places it was disconcerting enough that I eased my pace right back; I’m not used to wintry conditions and don’t want to jeopardise Janathon by doing myself a mischief!

It wasn’t too cold but I was glad to get back into warmth of the Holiday Inn for a shower and another cooked breakfast!

My calfs and shins are feeling a but achey so I think tomorrow might see swimming makes it’s Janathon debut.


2 thoughts on “Early Morning Janathon”

  1. Have you ever run in Yak Trax? Or something similar? It never gets too cold here in DC but have always wondered how people like running in them to prevent slipping … have a good swim tomorrow .. thank you for mentioning me on Twitter! Look forward to following you

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